Local developer Italic Pig successfully gain CE funding for 2nd time

Italic Pig have proudly announced that they have received a grant from Creative Europe for the second time to develop a brand new adventure. Not much is yet known about the new project other than it will be based in Virtual Reality.

This is a massive success for the company, that successfully secured Creative Europe funding in 2015 for their soon to be released title 'Mona Lisa'. 

Production is set to start on their next title come 2018. Read more on the Creative Europe website.

Defuser released on Google Play

Shallow Sky Studios have released Defuser, their second title for Android (with iOS soon to follow)

In Defuser, you have a device covered in connected nodes. Each node has a number which will count down towards zero every time you tap a node. Tapping a node resets your clock and resets that node to a higher number.

If any node hits zero, it's game over.

If your timer hits zero, it's game over.

How long can you defuse?


- Frantic high-score chasing gameplay
- Special modifier nodes requiring quick thinking and razor-sharp reflexes
- Unlockable skins to customise your defusal

Download now on Google Play.