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After Effects training course

Double Jump Studios will host a 4-day training course to suit beginners and self-taught users of After Effects from 8th-13th August. It is available for creatives working in screen-based industries who are looking to up skill their graphics, compositing, animation and visual effects skill set. The course will be delivered both in groups and on a one-to-one basis.

The course will be broad tour through all the features and toolsets of After Effects CC starting with the basics of animation through to more complex projects including particle systems and 3d camera tracking. Course notes and work files will be provided with practical examples to work through. The course will include broadcast level motion graphics and compositing. Students will also be tasked with learning the basics of Adobe Photoshop and illustrator. All training media and project files will be supplied to students for future reference.

Day One:

  • Preparing Assets using Photoshop
  • Compositing with Photoshop layers, selections and masks
  • Learning the After Effects interface
  • Animation using Effects and Presets
  • Using text effects
  • Exporting projects

Day Two:

  • Creating video compositions using assets
  • Create a campaign ad using Parenting, Track Mattes, Slideshows and Audio
  • Animating Photoshop Layers
  • Working with Masks
  • Compositing using Roto brushing, Puppet Tools and Custom Expressions 

Day Three:

  • Keying, Colour Correction and Clone Stamping
  • Creating a 3D Scene using 2d layers
  • Animating Cameras, Lights and Shadows
  • Tips and tricks using the curve editor.

Day Four:

  • Using the 3D Camera Tracker
  • Stabilising Footage and Multipoint Tracking
  • Using Mocha for Planar tracking
  • Getting started with Particle Systems
  • Integrating Cinema4D / Element3D 

How will this benefit your Career?

This course will give you the skills and tools to create broadcast standard motion graphics, animation and compositing and is ideal for those working in 2d/3d animation, visual effects, post-production or games development. After effects is the tool of choice for motion design and animation for broadcast. This course will instill best practice workflows and techniques that are used widely within the industry. An excellent opportunity for those looking to push their skill set further.

Price – the standard course cost is £1000 (excluding VAT)

Register your interest

To register your interest and reserve your space please email

This course will only go ahead if there is sufficient interest.

Depending on your experience in the industry and the level of demand, you may be eligible for a Northern Ireland Screen Skills Bursary.

Closing date for submission is 25th July.