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Hyper Spacetime Out Now on

Hyper Spacetime

A crazy hard platform game that will test the player’s reflexes, patience and sanity. Players will have to make their way through a strange little world to unravel a bizarre story.

Players will have to jump between light and dark versions of the world, hop in and out of portals, flip gravity, dodge enemies and gather all the cubes if they want to fix reality.

‘Hyper Spacetime will come after you from the get go, but pushing through it and beating the challenges will give you a real sense of reward’ – Ben Leggett, The Machine Ltd director

Out now on!

You can get your hands on Hyper Spacetime right now, only on! Follow the link below and enjoy!

About the developer

Hyper Spacetime was developed by the Northern Irish company The Machine Lt. The Machine Ltd is made up of two people:

Ben Leggett – A game developer who loves retro games and has released numerous front-page featured games on large portals like Newgrounds and

Dara Flanagan – A music man with a background in audio-visual design and a love for indie games.