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2ngaming Joins the NI Game Dev Scene

2ngaming is the latest addition to join the exciting Gaming Industry in NI. Its ambition – only to redefine how users play games on their Mobile devices!

Its founders David Campbell and John Fahy have a long track record of success in building technology and finance businesses around the globe and have decided to setup their latest business 2ngaming here in Belfast. Why ? They want to do something different from the usual suspects in the usual places – David having recently returned to live in NI from China has a unique perspective on how the market for games will develop globally.

“The end users we want to target come from very different cultures and want a very different experience this needs a different way of thinking about Game development” 

John and David believe the current Gaming Experience on mobile devices can be characterized as static, repetitive, boring and counter intuitive – they have developed a specification for a new type of Experience targeting the Gaming/Gambling Industry which has already been prototyped and end user tested with very encouraging results.

2ngaming is the first start-up in this space in Northern Ireland providing a unique opportunity to be truly disruptive within a very lucrative industry.

David attended our recent Games NI community get together and had the following to say

“I loved the diversity of thinking in the room, the willingness to challenge the perceived norms and the warmth of the community towards each other – this is what we want 2ngaming to be about”

John and David are looking to build their core team around two senior developers (one server side, one mobile) who will lead the development of a gaming platform for mobile devices. The technical skills, commitment and passion of these developers will be central to their success and in addition to paying a competitive salary they plan to make the developers that join them part owners of the business to share the success.

The co-founders already run several successful businesses in the US & UK and they will provide funding, mentorship, contacts and ideas, but are looking to identify the developers who can ultimately lead the technical decision making and the business.

Interested in learning more ?

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