Games NI Virtual Meetup May 13th 2020


May 13


06:00 pm - 09:00 pm

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Join us for our first virtual Games NI event, where we ask: Is remote working the future of Northern Ireland’s games industry?

Working hard or hardly working?

Northern Ireland is in lockdown and we’re all stuck at home, but the game development scene is still alive and kicking! Some of you are using the time to learn new skills, and for others working from home has become the new norm. But how do you keep a development team organised when working remotely?

Join us on Zoom* next Wednesday, May 13th, for Games NI’s first virtual meetup. We’ll celebrate some exciting recent news for the local games industry, look at new job announcements, and highlight upcoming opportunities for game developers in Northern Ireland.

Event – Remote Work: Panel speakers will give short 10-minute talks on the remote working strategies that work for them and some of the benefits of having a remote team, before answering your questions on remote work and working from home. What tools are available to help teams collaborate? How do you separate work and home life? And just how important is it to have a producer?

*Zoom link will be sent to ticket-holders


6:00 – Zoom Call Opens

6:30 – News and announcements

7:00 – Remote Work: 10-minute talks

7:30 – Remote Work: Q&A panel

8:00 – Community chat, new introductions, and networking

9:00 – Event Ends

This event is virtual and there is a limit of 100 attendees, so please reserve your ticket now!

About GamesNI:

Games NI is the association of Games Developers and Producers in Northern Ireland. We welcome members across all areas of game development, from artists and programmers to writers, designers and audio engineers.

Our mission is to create a collaborative network connecting NI companies and freelancers with other developers and publishers internationally.

We assist with training and education for the next generation of developers, working closely with university and educational bodies, creating opportunities to become part of the growing games industry in Northern Ireland.

If you have any questions or would like more information on this event, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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