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Nodus Editor Extensions/Visual Scripting by Noel Watters Released

Nodus has just been released by Noel Watters from Nothern Ireland. 

Nodus is a Visual Programming Language for Unity, designed to replace the need for having to constantly tweak scripts and dig through code to debug. 

This extension can be used by anyone, whether it’s experienced programmers, or artists and animators. 
Some knowledge of how to program in C# goes a long way however, as that is the language Nodus is based off of, and uses the standard aspects of the language. 

The main purpose of this system is to allow you to create MonoBehaviour components without ever having to look at a single line of code. 

What you get: 
– Works on Unity Pro and Free! 
– Simple, yet useful UI
– Uses all of the basic principles of C# 
– Create custom functions within the editor and save them for later
– Real Time Debugging
– Full Undo/Redo Features
– Full ‘behind the scenes’, customisable Metadata system for node names and descriptions
– Reflective precompile of the entire assembly creates over 100,000 node by default, and 1000’s more can be added with a click. 

This asset includes: 
– Nodus Editor
– Full Source Code
– Reflective C# precompiler which builds the Node library, which is excluded from built games. 
– Demo Top Down Shooter Game, built entirely with Nodus. 

Noel began his career attempting to start his own company, but not knowing the difficulties that lay ahead, ended up having to give it up.  But the things he learned allowed him to work efficiently as a programmer in InLifeSize StudiosItalic Pig Ltd, and BlackStaff Games.  His latest venture is founding Figment Works.

Having 6 years in the game development industry has allowed him to work with artists of all trades, to find out what is missing for them in the current game engines available today.  Building utilities that makes their lives easier is his main goal, outside of developing fun games for others to play.

We interviewed Noel on his work: 

What made you decide to begin this project? 

I come from a background in Unreal Engine 3 (UDK), and then UE4.  Both of these had great visual programming tools built in as standard.

First Kismet and then Blueprint, belonging to UE3 and UE4 respectively.  These are excellent tools and were a major part of my prototyping pipeline.
When I moved to Unity to work more with local developers, I found nothing like it came as standard, and anything similar was at a massive price.

So began the creation of Nodus.

Who do you think would benefit most from this package? 

Those who would benefit most would be the artists and animators that wish to avoid programming.

The non code savvy can get pushed away from game development because of the syntax, learning curves, and general difficulty that comes with being a good programmer.  So Nodus is there to allow them to create the flow of their game logic, in a visual aspect, and show them in real time where something may be going wrong.

Alternatively, seasoned programmers can use Nodus as a precise tool for quick prototyping, debugging and general testing.

What advice would you have for a non coder using the package?

This system is designed for them, to make their lives easier, but as with anything, it’s new and has a learning curve.  So visit the forums, ask for help, watch the videos as they come out, and along the way, make a great game!

Nodus can be purchased here