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Play Diaries Reports on Run For The Border

Play Diaries have released a podcast on our most recent Run for the Border event in January.

For those that couldn’t quite make it to Run For The Border in January this year, Johnny Cullen of Play Diaries has an article and podcast up talking to developers at the event and providing key context to the political ramifications for game development on the island as Brexit officially begins.

Run for the Border is an event in January of each year where folks from North and South of Ireland come together at the halfway point between Belfast and Dublin: Dundalk, for a much needed catchup. Coaches provided by Creative Europe leave from the two cities and meet up in Spirit Store in Dundalk. There are informative talks and plenty of food and drink, but most importantly the craic is mighty!

Despite the closeness of these communities (being just up/down the road from each other) there’s a dearth of formal opportunities to come together outside of GDC and Gamescom. 

Johnny went from Derry to Belfast to Dundalk interviewing developers from Italic Pig and Whitepot Studios about their successes in capturing the hearts of players all over the world and about the community forming between developers from North and South. But a spectre looms over proceedings as Brexit potentially threatens this camaraderie in the room. 

You can catch the podcast on Youtube above or you can listen to more Press Play podcasts on Apple or Spotify. You can also support Play Diaries on their patreon here.

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