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App Attic named in Disrupt 100

Northern Ireland app and tech development company App Attic has been named in the Disrupt 100 list for 2017.

Disrupt 100 celebrates the businesses with the most potential to influence, change or create new global markets. The list is compiled and curated by the world’s leading entrepreneurs, investors and business people.

AppAttic uses innovative tech solutions to help improve people’s health. Through apps and games, it collects and validates clinical data derived from mobile devices, and aims to evoke prolonged behavioural change in people with health conditions in order to reduce their costs and improve the quality of their life.

One of its products is a medicines-tracking game for mobile and tablet devices. The app engages users with their medicines schedule – recording their mood and heart rate and any non-adherence and reasoning. It gently nudges users to adhere to their prescribed medicines schedule through game experiences, rewards and competing with their peer-group.

Engaging people in their own medicine routines and getting them to understand what leads them to skip their medicines is becoming a massive part of health education.  AppAttic is providing health engagement and insight in a fun, tactile and innovative way. Its “games” approach means it is especially suitable for children who rely on medicines for their health, but need daily encouragement to take them.

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AppAttic CEO Wins Innovate UK Women Infocus Innovation Award





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Health engagement and insight company AppAttic got a boost today when their CEO and Founder Dr Rachel Gawely was announced as an Innovate UK Women Infocus Award Winner. The announcement was made this afternoon ahead of the National Business Awards in London where the winners will be introduced by Cisco and Innovate UK chairman Phil Smith.

Finalist, Rachel Gawley impressed the Innovate UK interview panel with her ability to commercialise research and with her company’s latest innovation which is set to disrupt the clinical trial of low risk medical apps through crowdsourcing. She is one of 15 winners who will receive a tailored package of business support and a £50,000 cash prize to assist in developing the project.

“I’m absolutely delighted. At AppAttic we want to improve health globally and we want to do it in the most fun and efficient way possible. The support will assist us as we grow from a small, regional company to putting us on the global map. It will enable us to run large scale trials that are not restricted by geography, at a much lower cost and faster than traditional randomised control trials (RCT). The vision is that saved resources – which are estimated to be 70% – will allow us to focus on what we are good at; research, development and innovation. Furthermore, the technology is being developed to become a stand-alone product which will enable any health app to avail of the benefits.”

The 2016 infocus campaign launched following an analysis of 8,566 historic Innovate UK funding applications. The findings highlighted that there was little difference in the quality of applications submitted by women and men, yet just 1 in 7 applications (14%) for funding were from women. With women in the UK half as likely to start a new business as their male counterparts, or indeed seek out external sources of funding, Innovate UK’s 2016 infocus awards sought to redress this imbalance by encouraging them to apply. The winners will be formally congratulated at tonight’s National Business Awards in London.

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