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Claire Wilgar on Global Game Jam Committee 2018

Locally renowned web dev and community manager at Hackerspace Farset Labs, Claire Wilgar is known by most of the Northern Irish community as one of the lead organisers of the Global Game Jam in Belfast. On the up and coming jam however, Claire has taken it a step further, and will be involved with the organising of the global event as one of the committee members spear heading the jams world wide. 

We’d like to both thank Claire for all her hard work organising the Global Game Jam every year, and wish her luck/congratulate her on becoming part of the steering committee. We all look forward to what the next jam brings.

You can find more information at their announcement page.

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GamesAid – Please Vote NOW for NI Child Brain Injury Trust

You may have heard of GamesAid, a collective for charitable activity on behalf of the games industry, taking advice from all sectors. Local Northern Irish charity Child Brain injury Trust have been nominated and are seeking local industry support to help them secure their nomination as one of this years sponsored GamesAid charities.

By voting for the Child Brain Injury Trust in this year’s GamesAid charity nomination, you will transform the lives of hundreds of children and their families, many of which are based right here in Northern Ireland.  They are a small UK charity with an office in Carryduff and your vote could make all the difference to them and the hundreds of children they support. 

In order to secure their nomination, they need as many people associated within the UK gaming industry as possible to vote for them.


If you are an Existing Member of GamesAid

– Check your Email Inbox for the GamesAid Poll Card.
– Select the link and vote for The Child Brain Injury Trust.

If you are not an existing Member of GamesAid

– Register FREE at
– Check your Email Inbox for the GamesAid Poll Card
– Select the link and vote for The Child Brain Injury Trust

A word from Child Brain Injury Trust – Why Vote For Us:

‘When brain injury strikes, we provide long term emotional and practical support for children and their families. We are the only charity to look after the needs of the whole family, helping them to come to terms with the lifelong impact of a child’s brain injury.

“Melissa suffered severe brain injury and lost the ability to walk and talk. She took her first steps and spoke her first words again at the age of 8”.’

Voting will run from the 16th of August to the 6th of September.

This is the first time a Northern Irish charity has been entered into GamesAid and it would be fantastic to get as much support as possible. Thanks to everyone who votes!

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Italic Pig Paints Mona Lisa all over Global Game Conference




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Mona Lisa, the mischievous art heist and forgery game in development by Northern Irish game developer Italic Pig, has been selected as the 2017 Branding Sponsor of Casual Connect USA.   

Casual Connect USA is a world class event with a focus on matching the creativity of the games industry with new media innovation and investment to find the next big thing. At each of Casual Connect’s four yearly events, an independent games company with a unique product and art style is chosen to fully brand the event. This year, they’ve chosen Mona Lisa.

The opportunity means that attendees to Casual Connect will be getting a taste of Mona Lisa’s unique art style on the event programme, badges, signage, social media and more.  Italic Pig’s quirky characters, peculiar scenery and slapdash forgery artwork will emblazon the event, and introduce tens of thousands of people to both the game and the indie studio for the first time.  

In addition to this prestigious honour, Mona Lisa has also been selected as an Indie Prize nominee, representing all of the UK as the only game to be nominated. 

“It’s amazing to see how much Mona Lisa’s ‘Arcade Art’ has drawn acclaim during its development,” says Kevin Beimers, Italic Pig’s Director and creator of the Mona Lisa property. “I imagine it’s similar to what the creators of Guitar Hero or Dance Dance Revolution must have felt in their early days.”

Mona Lisa is an artistic new heist and forgery adventure for mobiles and tablets. The player takes on the role of the mysterious Mona Lisa, Renaissance Italy’s greatest art thief. Mona sneaks into the studios of the other great masters of the 16th century using Leonardo’s arsenal of gadgetry, locating precious works of art, and swapping them out with slapdash forgeries created by the player during the robbery in under two minutes.

Mona Lisa’s hook is its speed-painting engine, which, in Kevin’s words: “offers the player the satisfaction of creating something beautiful in minutes, without silly things like lack of talent getting in the way.”

This isn’t the first time that Mona Lisa has punched above her weight and taken home the title.  Recently, Italic Pig Director Kevin Beimers “made history” at PocketGamer Connects London by unanimously winning the Very Big Indie Pitch; never in the seven years the VBIP has been running have all 15 judges agreed on a single clear winner.

In 2015, Mona Lisa was one of only four UK companies to be awarded a sizeable grant from the Creative Europe Media Subprogramme for the development of narrative-led video games. The award was soon after matched by an equally sizeable investment from Northern Ireland Screen.

Italic Pig specialises in character-driven adventures of the irreverently epic variety. Their debut game – Schrödinger’s Cat and the Raiders of the Lost Quark – is a quantum physics action-adventure game for Xbox One, PS4 and Steam that has been nominated for several writing and industry awards, including Best Game Script from the Writers’ Guilds of both Great Britain and Ireland. Mona Lisa recently won Best Casual Game at Game Connection Europe, and has since been marked as “one to look out for”.

For more information:

Kevin Beimers


Developer News

Frantic launches on Kickstarter

Frantic has just launched on Kickstarter with a goal of £200. Frantic is a retro themed game which focuses on quick reflexes. Its a mix between the iconic arcade games Pong and Coin dropper. 

You can support the project over on

Developer News

Proceed to hit Kickstarter 28th July

Proceed will be launching it’s Kickstarter on July 28th. There will be a small Demo with a restricted number of planets to test early mechanics for the kickstarter.

This will feature:
New water enemies (procedural fish)
Updates to overhanging procedural terrain.
New deeper caves
New shaders and atmosphere types
More cinematic intro to new planets.
Crashed freighters to explore.
Beginning work on boss type enemies for a the mission generator.

Keep an eye on the Proceed Facebook page for updates.

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No Piknik selected for Tranzfuser 2017

Northern Ireland games developer No Piknik is among the Twenty-three teams of graduates from across the UK are today celebrating success after being selected to take part in Tranzfuser™ 2017.

Tranzfuser is funded by UK Government and organised by UK Games Talent and Finance CIC (UKGTF). Now in its second year, the games design competition runs for 3 months. Each team will be awarded £5,000 to support them as they turn concepts into prototypes ready for further professional development.

Matt Hancock, Minister of State for the Creative Industries said: “The UK’s creative industries are one of our biggest success stories and a big part of that is our leadership in video game production. Now we need to nurture the next generation of talent, and the Government’s UK Games Fund and Tranzfuser have been set up to do exactly this. I wish all the entrants good luck in the competition and look forward to seeing the prototypes as they develop.”

All of the 2017 selected teams are meeting for the first time today in Manchester for the TALK Tranzfuser event; a jam-packed day of practice pitching sessions and expert advice.

The hard work will culminate in September when the teams journey to EGX 2017, the UK’s biggest consumer games event which will take place at Birmingham NEC where the teams will showcase their work. The contestants will pitch their prototypes to a panel of games industry experts for the opportunity to receive a grant of up to £25,000 from the UK Games Fund (also operated by UKGTF).

Today, UKGTF also announced the network of UK-wide local hubs which will support the individual teams throughout their Tranzfuser journey.

Deborah Farley, Head of Talent and Outreachsaid: “The quality of the applications to Tranzfuser 2017 was very high across the board. This made the judging process for our external reviewers no easy task. However, after much

For a full list of team selected please visit the Transfuser website.

Developer News

Defuser released on Google Play

Shallow Sky Studios have released Defuser, their second title for Android (with iOS soon to follow)

In Defuser, you have a device covered in connected nodes. Each node has a number which will count down towards zero every time you tap a node. Tapping a node resets your clock and resets that node to a higher number.

If any node hits zero, it’s game over.

If your timer hits zero, it’s game over.

How long can you defuse?


– Frantic high-score chasing gameplay
– Special modifier nodes requiring quick thinking and razor-sharp reflexes
– Unlockable skins to customise your defusal

Download now on Google Play. 

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Tubocity released on mobile

Whitepot studios have now released their flagship project Tubocity on iOS and Google Play

Get your ship together 🚀 – JUMP and SWIPE through our tube at the speed of light, zooming past obstacles and getting ever closer to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Tubocity is a game that really tests your reflexes – see how far along you can get, and maybe you’ll get the global high score! And of course maybe buy a ship or two, or click on an ad or three 😜

– A selection of awesome music that builds up as you make it further along the tube
– Apple Game Center/Google Play and Facebook scoreboards – try and beat your friends!
– Cool ship designs to choose from
– Apple Game Center/Google Play achievements
– Short tutorial to help you get your ship together
– Easy touch controls which can be changed in settings for the best gameplay experience

You can download the game no on iOS and Google Play.

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App Attic named in Disrupt 100

Northern Ireland app and tech development company App Attic has been named in the Disrupt 100 list for 2017.

Disrupt 100 celebrates the businesses with the most potential to influence, change or create new global markets. The list is compiled and curated by the world’s leading entrepreneurs, investors and business people.

AppAttic uses innovative tech solutions to help improve people’s health. Through apps and games, it collects and validates clinical data derived from mobile devices, and aims to evoke prolonged behavioural change in people with health conditions in order to reduce their costs and improve the quality of their life.

One of its products is a medicines-tracking game for mobile and tablet devices. The app engages users with their medicines schedule – recording their mood and heart rate and any non-adherence and reasoning. It gently nudges users to adhere to their prescribed medicines schedule through game experiences, rewards and competing with their peer-group.

Engaging people in their own medicine routines and getting them to understand what leads them to skip their medicines is becoming a massive part of health education.  AppAttic is providing health engagement and insight in a fun, tactile and innovative way. Its “games” approach means it is especially suitable for children who rely on medicines for their health, but need daily encouragement to take them.

To read the full Disrupt 100 list click here.

Misc. News

Her Majesty’s SPIFFING goes Mobile

Northern Ireland game developer Billy Goat Entertainment has released its celebrated space adventure game Her Majesty’s SPIFFING (that’s the Special Planetary Investigative Force For Inhabiting New Galaxies, if you’re wondering) on iOS and Android platforms today.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign Billy Goat Entertainment commenced development of Her Majesty’s SPIFFING in November 2014 with funding from Northern Ireland Screen via Invest NI.

Just like the console and PC versions, which were released last December, mobile gamers will now be able to take charge of Captain Frank Lee English as he (along with his insightful Welsh colleague, Aled) takes to the stars on-board the HMSS Imperialise in this modern interpretation of a classic point-and-click.

In Her Majesty’s SPIFFING players will be charged with solving both mental and physical based puzzles, all the while being rewarded with a sharp and witty script.

William Barr, Director, Billy Goat Entertainment Ltd “It takes cues from/ plagiarises everything from Monty Python to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. In short, it’s about as British as a game can be, in that it deftly undermines everything we hold dear about this damp collection of islands from beginning to end.”

Her Majesty’s SPIFFING is available now on  iOS and Android.